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BACKGROUND ON HOW SCZ PROJECTS ARE DESIGNED. The Sustainable Communities/ZERI-NM (SCZ) projects are founded on the ZERI systems-based approach in which the use of all our natural resources, as well as our industrial processes, beneficially convert all "waste" to value-added inputs for some other production process.

Our partner, the Swiss-based international non profit ZERI Foundation, has offered solutions to poverty and environmental degradation since 1996. They work, world wide, with communities on sustainable projects that address a combination of social, economic, cultural and ecological concerns. ZERI also offers certification training courses for those wishing to learn how to design and implement sustainable projects.

Great efforts have been made by many to move towards sustainability. Inspite of all that, we still have a long way to go before we have substituted the present systems with truly sustainable ones. Ultimately the whole production and consumption system has to become more efficient. We need to make the best use of what is available by building a creative and innovative environment that is conducive to the wellbeing of all.

Many of the projects we undertake require strong collaboration among all potential stakeholders starting with the local communities, organizations and leaders and including, where appropriate, government officials, pueblos and indian tribes, foundations, scientists, laboratories, schools, colleges, businesses, economic development centers, and individuals.

SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY PROJECT. Timber and brush, from small diameter and invasive non native trees, is being cut under federal fire reduction programs. Our two-part project converts these "waste" woods and pecan thinnings into higher value products: (1) natural wood charcoal from waste biomass wood with use of the fumes to naturally preserve other woods and (2) the native fungi culture lab for edible mushrooms, animal feed supplement, and mushroom compost for restoration activities in the thinned forests. (more)

SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY - CHARCOAL/WOOD PRESERVATION. SCZ adds value to waste timber by making non-toxic charcoal for cooking and heating. We add further value by using the charcoal oven off gasses to preserve additional lengths of wood. (more)

SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY - MUSHROOM/RESTORATION/FEED. SCZ has created a native NM fungi culture bank. We, also, grow edible mushrooms on the waste timber slash and chips. The spent substrate helps to restore the impacted areas and may serve as animal feed. (more)

INTEGRATED WASTE MANAGEMENT AND FARMING SYSTEM PROJECT. SCZ converts human/animal wastewater into "nutrients" for agriculture and fish farming activities as well as creating biogas for energy. (more)

USING THE PROPERTIES OF COLD AND CONDENSATION FOR IRRIGATION WITHOUT COMSUMING WATER. SCZ plans to "borrow" river water for its cold and condensation properties to the crop roots and return it to its source undiminished in quantity or quality. (more)

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